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Staffordshire STEM Ambassadors


Our Ambassadors are great motivators!

They open young minds to the exciting worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. They delight in sharing their knowledge and industry experience. Our Ambassadors were students once and can understand the challenges young people need to overcome. We are proud to showcase the profiles of some of our Ambassadors.



Simon Hodgkinson

Design Technician - Morgan Sindall

Simon qualified as a Civil Engineer, gaining a HNC in Civil Engineering at Derby University while carrying out his day job with Morgan Sindall.  Simon is currently working towards becoming a technician member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) which will give him professional recognition for his work.
Becoming a STEM Ambassador
Simon became a STEM Ambassador towards the end of 2010, as he wanted to help and guide young
people—giving them the support that he wished he had received.
“I left school with 9 GCSE’s, and went on to do my ‘A Levels’. I attained my HNC in Civil Engineering and I am working my way up the professional ladder. Most of my colleagues went to University full time before entering the profession, but there is always more than one way to reach your goals” said Simon.
“I believe that it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’d like to do as a career. If you have the right attitude and are willing to learn, then I think you can be successful at anything you put your mind to, through shear hard work and determination.”
Life as a STEM Ambassador.....
Simon has helped out on a number of events including Goblin Car testing at Seighford, and a Greenpower test day at Mallory Park where he enjoyed giving advice and carrying out scrutinising duties.


Continuing as a STEM Ambassador....

“I love seeing how enthusiastic the students are about engineering, and feeling that as an ambassador I can share some of my knowledge to give the students an idea of what life is like after school or University,” said Simon.

“The diverse range of activities undertaken and organised by the STEM Centre is fantastic and I would recommend getting involved if only in a small way as every little bit of assistance helps. Many hands make light work. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience thus far and hope to continue.


Staffordshire STEM Centre_STEM Ambassador_Bill WebsterBill Webster 

Production Manager, Retired
Bill became involved with the Science and Engineering Club more than 15 years ago. He was introduced to the idea of working with a local school by his former line manager suggesting that Bill might enjoy the experience.
"It was a whole new experience for me. What a lot of enjoyment and satisfying achievements I would have missed had I not been involved in that initial brief conversation 15 years ago."
Bill has been a STEM Ambassador ever since! He still enjoys sharing his skills and experience of working in an industrial environment with young people. He continues to support the EES Scheme and the Sixth Form projects, as well as using his business contacts to assist in work placements.
Key areas of expertise include Project Management, Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Lean Manufacture, Six Sigma Quality Programmes, Presentations, Report Writing, Productivity, Budgets, Workouts and Mind Mapping.
Bill has won several regional and national awards for his work in education.

Peter Tomlinson

Chartered Mechanical Engineer - Marley Eternit Ltd
Peter became a STEM Ambassador three years ago, in response to an appeal through the Institution  of   Mechanical Engineers. As a Fellow of IMechE, he was already committed to promoting the profession to young people, to try and encourage them to consider engineering as a career option.
As Peter says: “When I started out on my engineering career in the 1970s there were many more people involved in the profession than now. ......If we are to create the jobs and wealth to put the UK on a more sustainable path to prosperity, that starts with attracting young people to STEM subjects and professions. Without it the UK will continue to decline economically.”
Life as a STEM Ambassador.....
Peter has been involved in a number of activities, with different schools. “Things like Greenpower solar powered car ‘scrutineering’, designing and building rockets, Eco classroom design, as well as being interviewed by young people about my career and acting as a ‘dragon’ to judge team projects at schools running industry and design days,” said Peter. “I particularly enjoyed the rocket building sessions and solar powered car activities. These types of activity really enthuse youngsters and promote STEM subjects as the basis of their future careers.
Continuing as a STEM Ambassador....
Peter continues to volunteer for lots of activities, and is brilliant at sharing his passion about engineering topics.
“My favourite reason for being an ambassador is the opportunity it gives me to meet and liaise with school children and their teachers as well as other ambassadors.”




Staffordshire STEM Centre_STEM Ambassador_Alan CurtisAlan Curtis

Senior Engineer, Design and Development - JCB Power Systems Ltd
Aged 17 with 12 GCSE’s and a great aptitude for maths Alan looked all set to become an Accountant and maybe join the family business. No-one had suggested anything different to him at school to make him think otherwise… until he received information about the Engineering Education Scheme. After achieving his ‘A’ levels, Alan won a JCB scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University.
 As a STEM Ambassador, Alan is working with several schools in Staffordshire. He is also a Link Engineer setting projects for the Engineering Education Scheme.
A project on water conservation with John Taylor High School which he set up is now in its second year and allows all of their Year 8 students to come up with innovative solutions to harvesting rain water.
Alan has also given his time to supporting learning maths through application and has written four exemplars for the Advanced Maths module of the new engineering diplomas. He has been able to deliver these in schools locally. He regularly gets involved in factory tours for small groups of students and in promoting engineering opportunities at school events.
Alan is a Visiting Fellow at Loughborough University. He was awarded the IMechE Young Member of the Year Award for his dedication and commitment to education in November 2009.
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