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Brilliant Bees . . . An Exciting Primary Activity


All First, Primary and Middle schools in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent are invited to join this exciting new project. It’s one you can’t afford to miss! Brilliant Bees is aimed at encouraging pupils to think about endangered species, their environment and biodiversity in a fun and interesting way.


The aim is to raise awareness about the plight of bees, to identify a variety of species, to understand their life styles and to take action to encourage growth of the bee population. 


Key Stage Focus: KS1, KS2                                          Staffordshire STEM Activity - Finding Bees
Main Curriculum links:
  • Science:  living processes, scientific enquiry
  • IT: Databases, Internet research and much more.
  • Maths: Data
  • Literacy: Speaking and listening
  • PSHE: Teamwork
  • The Project could be delivered within the curriculum, as an event, a science week or as an extra curricular school activity. The time it takes flexible.  
  • Any number of pupils can take part. For example one class or group to the whole school.Staffordshire STEM Centre Activity - Bees Project
  • This project could be carried out in schools with limited school grounds or large rural areas. If fact, collectively, the more diverse the better.

Brilliant Bees ... A Progressive Project!

There are options to make the project progressive enabling children to revisit the subject in later years. Pupils are encouraged to carry out surveys, tally data, form graphs and interpret data from a range of habitats. Survey data can be used to improve school grounds and encourage bees by making more food and shelter available to them. Pupils may construct bee nests and monitor any inhabitants.This in turn could have an impact on other wildlife and introduce additional food chains!


Compare your school results to other schools in Staffordshire!

Pupils can carry out many scientific investigations linked to bees and their products.  

And through our newly developed site, they can compare their survey data with othersStaffordshire STEM Activities - Bees Project

submitted by participating schools in Staffordshire. 


This flexible project gives schools the opportunity to:
  • Gain access to a wealth of information and competitions via the Staffordshire STEM Centre’s website.
  • Borrow a selection of equipment via loan boxes to aid the delivery of the project.
  • Presentation by visiting expert Bee Keepers and Bee specialists.
  • Plan a purposeful and topical thematic project which involves all curriculum areas.
  • To carry out a bee related enterprise scheme.
This project has been trialled and teacher feedback has been extremely positive:
"The project is very inspiring. The more you learn about bees, the more you want to find out. The children and staff have had a fantastic time. Thank you very much."
To find out further information, please contact the STEM team on 01785 895400.
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