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Digger Disaster


This is an exciting way of introducting moving vehicles and a pneumatic mechanism.


Pupils work in teams and are set the challenge of making a digger that will lift a weight by using a pneumatic mechanism.  This is an ideal KS1, KS2 transition activity or lower KS2.  Children are introduced to relevant vocabulary and they learn about making good structures using suitable materials.  They also learn about the science behind pneumatics in a very practical way.


Teachers can choose how they would like this activity delivered.


Key Stage Focus:KS1 and KS2


Main Curriculum links:

  • Science: Forces, Materials
  • D&T: Structures, Pneumatic mechanisms
  • Literacy: Speaking and Listening, following instruction
  • PHSE: Teamwork
  • Maths: Measures



  • The activity takes approximately 2½ hours
  • Worktables or classroom is required
  • Ideal group sizes of about 30 pupils so two classes could be incorporated in a single day
  • All models are left with the children.
  • The activity can be delivered by the teacher over several lessons. Staffordshire STEM Centre can provide the consumable resources, pupil booklets, instructions and teachers guides to help alleviate the pressure of planning and preparation.
  • Alternatively Entrust STEM specialist staff could work alongside teachers and come into schools to deliver the practical aspect, leaving teachers to deliver any optional precursory or subsequent lessons.
Cost: Full day £575 - Half day £300
Resource only: £150 (for class of 30 working in pairs)
Teacher feedback:
"Expert tuition and a wonderful experience for the children.  The activity was a challenge but achievableDigger '
To book this activity please call Entrust STEM on 01785 895400.
We look forward to working with you!
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