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Electric Grid Challenge . . . An Exciting Primary Activity


A fun activity based around the generation and distribution of electricity. Pupils build electricity pylons with paper tubes bolted together. Wires to simulate electric cables are then connected from the generating station over the pylons constructed around lakes and hills to a consumers house to provide lighting. The activity is adapted to suit the age range of pupils.
Key Stage Focus: KS2    Staffordshire STEM Activity - Electric Grid Challenge
Main Curriculum Links:
  • DT: Structures
  • Science: Electricity, materials and forces
  • Literacy: Speaking and Listening, following instruction
  • PHSE: Teamwork.
  • Maths: Shape, measuring
  • The activity takes 2½ to 3 hours and needs a large space such as a hall.
  • Ideal group size of about 30 pupils e.g. two classes could be incorporated in a single day.

Delivery:  Entrust STEM.


Cost: Full day £575 - Half day £300

Teacher feedback:

"The Electric Grid Challenge was thoroughly enjoyed by all our Year 6 pupils. So much so that they all decided not to have a break at playtime! They were very enthusiastic and everyone got involved in the practical activity. Pupils said it was the best science lesson they had ever had. A very big thank-you from all."


To book this activity please call the STEM team on Centre01785 895400.


We look forward to working with you!


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