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Philharmonic Flutes . . . An Exciting Primary Activity


Ear plugs will not be needed for this activity!


Children learn how sound is produced and how pitch is changed. Working with a variety of materials, pupils have a fantastic time learning about fabrication and exploring the versatility of wind instruments. Using PVC materials pupil’s make a slide flute that will change pitch to play several notes.


Key stage Focus: KS2Staffordshire STEM Activity - Philharmonic Flutes
Main Curriculum links:
  • Science: Sound, materials
  • D&T: Structures, Musical Instruments. 
  • Literacy: Speaking and Listening, following instruction
  • PHSE: Teamwork.
  • Maths: Measures, nets, shape
  • Music: Composing and performance  Staffordshire STEM Activity - Philharmonic Flutes
  • The activity takes approximately 2½ hours
  • In classroom or worktables required.
  • Ideal group sizes of about 30 pupils so two classes could be incorporated in a single day.
  • All models are left with the children.
Delivery: Entrust STEM
Cost: Full day £575 - Half day £200
Teacher feedback:
"Children discovered how many parts were needed to make the instrument and came away with a good understanding of fabrication. We will be able to use the models in future lessons and children will be able to reflect on their experience. Excellent!" 

To book this activity please call us on 01785 895400.
We look forward to working with you!
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