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Staffordshire STEM Centre Teacher Resources

In conjunction with schools, colleges and industry partners, we have developed a portfolio of teaching resources to inspire young people to take up STEM subjects. The resources are designed in line with current thinking in education. We consistently review our resources to ensure they remain relevant and in line with new curriculum developments.


We recommend that you revisit the Resources Section, from time to time, to ensure the validity and relevance of information.


To enable us to develop further resources, a charge will be applied for downloads.  The listed resources are password protected.

Teacher Resources and Case Study Downloads



►  Writing a Business Plan
►  Production Line Activity and Competition                                                                            

►  Ideas for Employer Engagement

      Written for IEBPE. Contributions: Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and Lovell Construction.

ENGINEERING ►  Engineering Learner Person Profile
►  Applications of Science in Engineering & Manufacturing
►  Engineering Applied Learning
►  SMART and Modern Materials in Aviation



►  Writing a Business Plan
►  Applications of Science in Engineering & Manufacturing
►  Production Line Activity and Competition















Teacher CPD


STEM Learning provides teacher CPD for STEM subjects through our partner organisation Keele Science Learning Centre to access their offer please visit their website or call 01782 734429.


If you need further information, please contact the STEM Team on 01785 337194 or