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A Warm Welcome to Teachers


Our Aim is to Support You . . .  and whenever possible to share some of the work load! Staffordshire STEM Centre Photo


Entrust STEM has developed an exciting portfolio of activities and curriculum focussed support materials for the 5-19 age groups.


The content of our materials has been developed as a direct result of regular meetings with subject specialists, teachers and advisors. The outcome is to strengthen our understanding of teaching and learning and of curriculum needs. In addition, working closely with employers adds a "World of Work" dimension to what we offer.  



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Want to link with a STEM Ambassador?

STEM Ambassadors are experts in their field. They are passionate about STEM subjects and volunteer their time to inspire and motivate young people. They get involved with schools on a variety of activities such as clubs, careers talks, school events, lessons, competitions, and much more!  STEM Ambassadors are DBS checked and receive a basic induction on how to approach the classroom. 

What can STEM Ambassadors do?

  • Assist with classroom activities and STEM Clubs
  • Bring a "work" dimension to learning
  • Provide an insight into career opportunities
  • Facilitate workplace visits where appropriate

Benefits to Teachers

  • Access to a skilled resource to support in classroom activity
  • Gaining extra support for extra-curricular clubs
  • Developing a varied teaching and learning style
  • Networking with local companies and gaining further opportunities

Benefits to Students

  • Increased motivation and enthusiasm for STEM education
  • Improved key skills and understanding of STEM subjects
  • Improved knowledge of potential careers in STEM
  • Opportunity to experience STEM applications in a "work" context

Teacher CPD

STEM learning provides teacher CPD for all STEM subjects through our partner organisation Keele Science Learning Centre to access their offer please visit their website or call 01782 734429

Check out our Ambassadors and find out what they say ►


If you would like to request an Ambassador, please complete the request form or contact Entrust STEM Centre on 01785 337194