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Rockets Away . . . An Exciting Primary Activity


This activity never fails to achieve the Wow factor!


Pupils get the opportunity to find out how rockets work and learn the forces that act upon it. They are guided through scientific investigation based around building and testing a paper rocket that is launched using compressed air. The height the rocket achieves is calculated and children then set out to improve the design.


Key Stage Focus: KS1, KS2 and KS3  Staffordshire STEM Centre - Rockets Away


Curriculum links:

  • Science: Forces, materials, Scientific Enquiry
  • Design & Technology: Structures
  • Maths: Problem Solving, Averages, Data
  • Literacy: Speaking and Listening, following instruction
  • PHSE: Teamwork.


  • Activity duration 21/2 to 3 hours.
  • Needs a dedicated area with a work table (eg. classroom) for making the rockets and close access to a yard or field for launching.
  • Ideal group size is about 30 pupils. Therefore two classes could be incorporated in a single day.

Delivery:  Entrust STEM  Staffordshire STEM Activity - Rockets Away Launch


Cost: Full day £575 - Half day £300


Teacher feedback:

"Great Stimulus for Forces and AT1 aspects of Science. I have watched many Maths and English lessons but it's the first time in a career spanning 35 years that I have watched a practical science lesson – thank you for such a well prepared and well delivered activity."


To book this activity,  please call us on 01785 895400



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