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Simply Solar . . . An Exciting Primary Activity


A fantastic learning experience!


Children construct a vehicle that uses solar energy, which is converted to electrical energy then stored in a capacitor acting like a battery. A Simple motor is then used to power a vehicle through a pulley or gear system. Recycled materials are used where possible to keep an overall sustainable theme.


Children use drills, saws and other relevant equipment to produce a lightweight vehicle. Simply Solar builds on knowledge gained in our Machines activity. This activity could be used to cover the DT pulley mechanisms or the QCA controllable vehicle project.


Key Stage Focus: KS2, KS3  Staffordshire STEM Activity - Simply Solar


Main Curriculum Links:
  • Science: Forces, electricity with alternative energy, recycling and sustainability.
  • D&T:Mechanisms, pulleys and gears, structures and linked to QCA Controllable vehicles.
  • Maths: Measures
  • PSH:Teamwork
  • Literacy:Speaking and listening
Organisation:  Staffordshire STEM Activity - Simply Solar
  • The ideal group size is a class of 30 pupils.
  • This activity will take a school day to complete.
  • Access to the playground (weather permitting) or hall towards the end of the day is needed for testing.
Delivery: Entrust STEM 
The Delivery Officer will need the full support of the class teacher for pupils who need extra help.
Cost: Full day £575
To book this activity, please call us on 01785 895400.
We look forward to working with you!
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